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Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Warning Signs

  • Skin changes arise early
  • Hardening of the breast
  • Rapid, unusual increase in breast size                          (can appear overnight)
  • Sometimes increasing 2-3 folds in size                           in a period of a few days                          
  • On light pigmentation skin types                                you may find reddish undertones                                 on more than 1/3rd of the breast
  • On darker pigmentation you may                                 find reddish undertones on more                               than 1/3rd of the breast
  • Possible bruising appearance that                             does not go away. 
  • What appears to be a “bug bite” or                        “bruise” that does not go away
  • Persistent itching or breast or nipple
  • Stabbing pain, soreness, aching                                   or heaviness similar to breast feeding
  • Inverted of flattened nipple
  • Nipple discharge or change in pigmented                      area around nipple
  • Swollen lymph nodes under the arm                        and/or above the collarbone
  • Irregular warm feeling of breast (feverish)
  • Rarely is there a lump which is                                  why Mammograms cannot see IBC

 For more on IBC click here!


Fast Facts

Fact 1: You do not need to have a LUMP         
           to have Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)        

Fact 2: A Mammogram cannot DETECT                            this Breast Cancer!

Fact 3: Your Tatas(Breast) can ache, feel sore                    and warm.                        

Fact 4: Doctors often misdiagnose 
           Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)                          as a breast infection.   

For more on IBC click here!
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